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Simply click the “ Book A Call ” button to schedule above and one of our representatives will reach out to you for a consultation call. Once call is done and we know your needs, we will send you a Carrier Onboarding form and Agreement form to get you started. The process is very easy and can be done within 24 hours.

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Prior to booking any loads, our Market Analysis experts have access to proprietary softwares that will ensure that we are sending the trucks in the best markets. One of the things we do to ensure that we’re helping for the long haul is help you win government contracts. We also have access to 400+ dedicated brokers and shippers that will provide loads that will ensure your company’s profitability and growth.

Our Dispatching service is more than just finding and booking loads. We help your company remain compliant so that stays out of FMCSA troubles and generates income. We manage your drivers, handle accounting and bookkeeping and also provide 24/7 customer service assistance in case of repairs, etc…h.

To get started we would need your Signed DOT Authority letter, Signed W-9 form, Signed Carrier Agreement, Along with your certificate of insurance. of repairs, etc…h.

Our weekly load schedules are from Monday To Monday, and every Monday 4 PM EST we will deduct our commissions by ACH or Credit Card.

We do not believe in long term contracts. We strive to make sure our clients remain happy, but you are not required to stay in a long term contract unlike most dispatching companies.

FreightMetro Star Logistics

This Freight Metro Star Logistics Agreement, is effective on the
by and between: Metro Star Logistics and
WHEREAS, the Metro Star Logistics, a licensed transportation broker by the FMCSA, with MC #
agrees to enter into an agreement with the Dispatch herein; WHEREAS, the Metro Star Logistics and the Carrier agree to the following terms and conditions:
CARRIER RESPONSIBILITIES : Carrier shall be responsible in all the necessary documentary and legal compliance with its operations as a carrier and assumes to be legally liable for any loss, damage, delay, destruction, theft, or any liability of whatever nature arises from the transportation of any freight as contemplated and falling under this agreement. Carrier shall perform the transport diligently as arranged by the Dispatch and as accepted by the Carrier and shall ensure that all equipment necessary to the compliance to state laws are properly complied with. Carrier shall assume taxes, premiums, and other benefits under the employ of the Carrier and shall maintain the minimum qualifications of insurance as prescribed by the FMCSA.FEEThe Carrier agrees to pay Dispatcher the rate of 8% percent of the face value of the contract between the Shipper and the Carrier as stated in the bill of lading or on the load confirmation sheet. The fee shall be paid every friday of every week.

RELATIONSHIP : The relationship between the parties shall be of an independent contractor. Metro Star Logistics shall offer freight transportation shipments to Carrier to reasonable or acceptable locations as may be required, subject to the availability of the Carrier. Metro Star Logistics shall be responsible for booking, Metro Star Logistics, and handling necessary documents for the Carrier and shall act as broker or shipper on behalf of Carrier.

TERMS : This Agreement shall be effective on the date signed by the parties and shall remain effective for the period of one (1) year and shall automatically renew on a yearly basis thereafter.

TERMINATION : The Parties may terminate this agreement by giving a written notice upon the other upon 7 days prior effectivity of the termination of this agreement.

BILLS OF LADING : Each freight must constitute a bill of lading which shall be issued by the broker or shipper.

DAMAGES : The Party found to be responsible for any loss, damage, and damages, resulting from negligence or delay shall be liable for any unless such fault is not attributable to said Carrier.

NON-ASSIGNMENT: The Carrier agrees that all freight tendered by the Metro Star Logistics to the Carrier shall not be assigned, subcontracted, or be arranged for transport to any 3rd party without the prior written consent of the Metro Star Logistics.

GOVERNING LAW AND DISPUTES : This agreement shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with laws of the State of without regard to the conflicts of laws. Any disputes arising from this agreement shall be resolved before the courts of the same State.

COUNTERPARTS : This agreement may be executed in two or more counterparts each of which shall be deemed an original and all of which together shall constitute one and the same agreement.

NON-MODIFICATION : Any modifications made to this agreement shall only be considered as agreed by the parties in the existence of a written instrument signed by both parties.

SEPARABILITY : Should any provision of this Agreement be held invalid by any competent court, the same shall apply only to the provision affected while the remaining provisions hereto shall remain valid and enforceable.IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Agreement as of the date first above written.Signature of Metro Star LogisticsRepresentative: Name of Metro Star Logistics Representative: Gerard Walker Name of Metro Star Logistics Company: Mega Metro Star Logistics CorpSignature of Carrier Representative
Mega Metro Star Logistics CorpSignature of Carrier Representative:
Name of Carrier Representative:
Name of Carrier Company:



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